JOE CERVELIN performs hip hop as
Backwards Ninja (one half of
Microphone Hippie). More info
about the bi-coastal, experimental
It used to be Shin Splints/ limping
through wind sprints/ last in the pack/
limpin like you got a cap blasted in your
back/ and you ain't got that walkman
packed/ only sounds of the streets and
the vibe inside/ so dig deep dog/ get
out that bone/ down in your soul/ and
gnaw down like a pain muzzle/ and
keep on digging home...

Leaping over bums while running
around the block to sculpt your own
rump/ gel souls, jealous of dudes
sleeping on couches in the gutter/ and
when you go to breakfast, take it easy
on the butter, brother/ we've become
each other's mothers
Zombie Issues (Press here to play)

Zombies, zombies everywhere/ There's
zombies in their underwear/ There's
zombies creeping up the stairs/ There's
zombies staring at your rear/

It ain't edible/ I tried to do the treadmill
but wouldn't you believe/ There were
zombies hogging the machine/ Trying to
eat the heart rate monitor/ Now I'm not
the type to start a/ Conflict but some of
these zombies need they ass kicked/
Yes it's sick, I'm no better than them/
Stooping to the level of the undead/Six
feet deep/Doin ab dips and crunches in
the dirt discreet/I just don't wanna be a
hunk of meat

Beat courtesy of Mack Mike
SHIN SPLINTS - by Backwards Ninja
Press here to play
Brains Brains (Got a Plan) (Press here)

Keep movin' forward like the Day of the
Dead/ It's deep inside from beginning to
end... So deep you float with feet stuck in

Beat courtesy of Dibri
Honey Pie (Press here to play)

Used to love her/I really did/Even
though sometimes I called her a
bitch/Tssh! I wasn't ready for this
Hitchcock switch/Fell asleep next to
you and woke up in a ditch/Some sort
of triple cross I won't relive/Back from
the dead again

Beat courtesy of Mack Mike
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Booking and media, please contact:
Chupacabra Jr (Press here to play)

You're MY/ giggly laser beam curvy
panda sopping sunshine/ String quarter
playing the Beatles
alllllll night

I'm pretty smooth for a spaz/ Manic devil
Taz/ Tally up the tabs/ Sp-spinning maize/
Progression, aggression is a thing of the
past/ Chupacabra Jr., well you asked/
Bigfoot, Lochness, Sasquash, Jack-Ass/
Kong barrel rolling down the block/
Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out watch: Info-mercing spot
splash/ Creeping down the convertible top
fast/ No chimney, no ash, no ninja
sneaking layers/ Elated Shinobi/ You
don't even know me?/ Wearing retro gear
like 8-Bit clothing/ Pixelated, aggravated...

Beat courtesy of Dibri
Coffee Time (Press here to play)

Caffeine in motion/ Laughing exploding/
Tapping that slow shit/ Travel mug/
Coasting to coasting/ Rambling to the
most babble love in all tongue/

Beat courtesy of Dibri
©2010 Joe Cervelin